Long term chronic stress, also known as Distress, is deadly. It is a slow killer.

It takes its time devouring our bodies, minds, and emotions, and our over-all well being. This site is not about statistics, though they will be referenced from time to time. It is about the human species and what is happening to us. This site was not created to instill fear, it was created to spread knowledge and truth, and to form a strong support group so we can heal ourselves and this planet.

We now live in a world constantly bombarded with negativity, toxic chemicals, radiation, media programming, financial crisis, and global instability. Most of us have become so accustomed to fatigue, we think it is normal. It takes all our energy just to keep a roof over our heads and our families fed. For most of us, when we are done paying our bills, we have no money left and are too tired to enjoy some time to ourselves.

The mainstream news bombards us with bad news, while leading us to believe our left/right paradigm is a standard by which we must live. Though alternative news presents information which often uncovers disturbing facts about our government, many express frustration and feel it offers little or no solutions or means of dealing with the situation, leaving us to feel helpless and hopeless. And for many even suicidal. With looming threats of economic collapse, terror threats, disease, wars, inflation, unemployment, taxes, foreclosures, bankruptcy, threat of emp’s, asteroids, planet x, alien invasions, and increased governmental controls, it is no wonder so many people are deeply depressed.

Helplessness and hopelessness are two major factors of severe depression. Today, depression is an epidemic. More and more people are on dangerous toxic antidepressant drugs which are having devastating long term side effects.

The human body was not designed to handle the level of prolonged stress humanity is under. Just as our earth releases pressure through volcanoes, earthquakes, and other means, so do our bodies. There is only so much we can handle before we begin to release the pressure, and unless this is done in a healthy, natural manner, our bodies will suffer damage.

With a little understanding of what is really happening to us and the world around us, we can take our lives back. We can find peace. Yes, it is overwhelming but we can learn to join together in our struggles and pull through this. It must first start in the heart of the individual. We cannot save the world if we ourselves are broken. And we are broken but not beyond repair. So lets take a look at how our physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all tied together. When I refer to spiritual health, I am referring to the understanding that we are more than just physical beings. I am not referring to religious beliefs.

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